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Programs & Services

Windham/Raymond Adult Education is your gateway into a world of education, opportunity, and personal growth. In addition to the numerous courses you’ll find in our catalog, we have a number of programs to assist you along your learning path. Select the option below that best meets your goals, and give us a call at 892-1819. We want to help you achieve and succeed!

Business Training/Planning: We help businesses set up customized training programs for employees. Ask for Tina Christophersen.

Career Advising: A career adviser is available to assist you with career planning, job skills assessment, and job search resources, or exploring the process of transitioning to college. Ask for Shelli Pride.

College Connections: The road to most well-paying jobs, and the American Dream, now runs directly through college. If you have ever said ‘I want to go to college…someday’ then come talk to us. Ask for Shelli Pride.

English for Speakers of Other Languages: Classes and tutoring are available for speakers of other languages who wish to improve their English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Instruction meets learner’s needs and includes preparation for the citizenship test upon request. Day and evening instruction is offered. Ask for our ABE Coordinator.

Family Literacy (GATEWAY* to Success):Windham Adult Education sponsors a parenting class, a weekly literacy play group as well as monthly Family Literacy FunNights. Call our ABE Coordinator at 892-1819 about GATEWAY to Success *(Goals Attained Through Education for Windham Adults and their Young Children).

Learn to Read Program: If someone you know would like to improve their reading, we will teach that person FREE with no embarrassment. Ask for our ABE Coordinator.

HiSet Program (High School Equivalency Diploma): You can earn a HiSet by successfully completing a series of five tests. Day and evening hours are available. There is no cost for this program. Test accommodations are available. Talk with our ABE Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

High School Diploma: Take classes and earn credits toward your high school diploma. Fall semester starts the week of 9/7/15. Schedule an appointment with our ABE Coordinator before classes start.

Individual Tutoring: There are thousands of people across Maine who have trouble reading a newspaper, filling out a job application or using a phone directory. If you know someone who has difficulty reading, WE CAN HELP! All tutoring is private and FREE. Call our ABE Coordinator at 892-1819.

TUTORS NEEDED: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor for Windham Adult Education, please call ABE Coordinator at 892-1819.

Adult education programs offer courses in 5 major categories:

Business & Skills Training courses help prepare Maine citizens by providing the modern skills training necessary for new careers, promotions, and other career advancement.

College Transitions courses assist people of all ages wishing to make the transition into college-level courses.

HiSet & High School Completion courses help people complete their high school education.

Literacy courses give people the guidance, support, and training necessary to improve their literacy skills and the literacy skills of their family.

Personal enrichment courses include lessons in skills such as cooking and musical instruments, and also include a variety of unique and fun experiences including travel and

In any economy, Adult Education courses are great choices because they are local, affordable, and are designed to fit within your schedule.

Scholarships Available: Limited funds for training/courses.  Ask for Director, Tom Nash.



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406 Gray Road • Windham, ME 04062 • (207) 892-1819 • Fax: (207) 892-1848