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A recent segment on ABC’s What Would You Do? highlighted the stigma faced by adults with unmet literacy needs. Watch this video to see what everyday life is like for the 36 million low-literate adults in the U.S.
“‘What Would You Do?’: Illiterate Man is harassed by cafe cashier”

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  • Oct
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    Healing Sound Bath

    Music and healing sound can move our hearts and restore balance and harmony to our bodies and minds. A few tangible benefits a sound bath can provide are reduced pain, anxiety and stress; a quieter mind and clearer thinking; and access to creativity, intuition and spiritual connection. These results are due to the effect of […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://cdn.lawyer-monthly.com/Lawyer-Monthly/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/CVs-Resumes-How-to-Secure-a-Law-Interview.jpg

    First Impressions Matter: Resume and Interview Prep

    This workshop offers you current tools, resources, and guidance to write an effective resume and to prepare for a successful interview.  Instructor: Lisa Sweet Monday, 10/28, 5:30 – 7:30PM Location: Windham High School, Room Fee: Free Lisa Sweet is the Workforce Development Specialist for New Ventures Maine’s Southern Region. She is a Certified Career Services […]

  • Oct
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    Football Tailgating Ideas

    Need some new recipe ideas for the football season? This class will inspire you with some delicious appetizer recipes that are sure to please all of your guest’s taste buds.  Learn cooking techniques that allow you to then take these recipes and create your own flavors and ideas! Let the tailgating begin! MENU: Tomato and […]

  • Oct
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    Introduction to Essential Oils, Part I – Session II

    Essential oils seem to be all the craze these days but did you know that you can use them in a variety of ways that support health and wellness for yourself and throughout your home? In this first class of a two-part series, we will discuss what essential oils are, how they are made, and […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://viridianadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/DEjkgnyVYAEKUdj.jpg

    Healthcare and Social Security Retirement

    This seminar addresses the steps investors should take to prepare for health care costs (including Medicare and long-term care costs) to help ensure their retirement savings stay healthy. Social Security likely will be the foundation of your retirement income. Before you retire, it’s important to understand your options regarding Social Security and the impact your […]