Windham Raymond Adult Education provides affordable, high quality adult learning opportunities that meet the academic, career, and personal pursuits of our diverse adult population — families, workers, citizens, and the business community.

Winter/Spring Semester 2021

Many new classes offered this semester.
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Most of our new virtual classes use Zoom Meetings.

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Featured Video

A recent segment on ABC’s What Would You Do? highlighted the stigma faced by adults with unmet literacy needs. Watch this video to see what everyday life is like for the 36 million low-literate adults in the U.S.
“‘What Would You Do?’: Illiterate Man is harassed by cafe cashier”

Winter/Spring 2021 Classes have begun!

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  • May
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    Please note – this CPR class has been revised due to COVID-19 precautions.  Each person will be required to wear a mask. There will be disposable masks available if people don’t bring their own.  Each person will have their own manikin and I build them with gloves on.  There is shared equipment, and everyone is […]

  • May
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    Advance Planning for Peace of Mind

    Preparing for funeral arrangements in advance, whether someone else’s or your own, can be a difficult task. There are many choices to be made, but making them sooner rather than later-while heads are clear and feelings are manageable- protects your family from decisions that can be clouded by strong emotions or financial stress. In this […]

  • May
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    First Aid

    The First Aid class includes: medical emergencies, bleeding that you can see, bleeding you cannot see, treating for shock, and how and when to call emergency services. The course cost includes a blend of Powerpoint and DVD, instructor and practical components, and a certificate of completion. This class is taught to the standards established by […]

  • May
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    How to navigate Medicare.Gov and the Medicare Plan Finder Websites

    Are you someone who is comfortable going online to shop, or bank, or do your own research when making a purchase? Did you know that indications are that many Americans will spend more time researching a product or service than they will understanding their HealthCare Insurance option? If you are new to Medicare or, if […]

  • May
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    Taking the Stink out of Trash (compost)

    Taking the Stink out of Trash (compost): From your backyard to an industrial composting facility, we’ll go over all the ways available to make sure your food scraps are contributing to local soil production instead of sitting in a landfill! Join Lena Ives, ecomaine environmental educator in learning more about what’s in your trash can […]